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    Hey there! I'm having trouble communicating with some of my contacts in BBM. Two of them are in London (England), and one is in North Carolina (US). I'm actually able to receive messages from them, but they can't receive from me. This has only been since the RIM outage this week.

    Communicating with PINs, I've tried file transfers (of which I get the request, but accepting does nothing). I've rebooted, deleted and reinvited. One of them at this point can't send invitations even. One is stuck in a contact authorization pending state, but can still send me messages, and the last is back on my contact list, but can't receive anything from me.

    Anyone else having trouble still with messages in BBM? I've checked RIM's site, but all it says is that service has returned to normal as of the 13th.

    10-15-11 05:33 PM