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    I've Googled it, I've searched it, and I've found similar people with my problem... but sadly no solutions. I figure I'd provide as much detail as I can and get some assistance, if anyone is able to help!

    Here's the scoop:

    I've had my Blackberry Curve 8330 for two years now, and I've got the thing down pat. BBM isn't a mystery and is very simple to use and understand. I currently have three contacts approved, working, and I can chat with them simple enough. However there are two contacts I can't get approved for the life of me; they always remain "Pending". I send them an invite (through both PIN and email!) and they do not receive it. They send me an invite (Just the same, both ways) and I do not receive it.

    This is through typing their PIN, typing their email, and having their PIN and email in their contacts and using the contact instead. Trust me, it doesn't work.

    I've deleted and recaptured my Service Books.

    I've re-registered my Host Routing Table.

    My firewall is off and not blocking anything, and my content protection is disabled.

    We've all done battery pulls/resets, for giggles.

    And before you ask, yes we all have data plans. One of the two contacts I can't add is my boss, and she uses BES instead of BIS. Shouldn't make a difference, she has her friends on her BBM without an issue... just can't add me.

    The only - only - only thing I can think of is our service providers.

    I am on Virgin Mobile Canada, and the BBM contacts that I have that work are also on VMC or Bell or Rogers. Both these two people I can't add are on Telus.

    The part that doesn't make sense about all this, is that they can add Virgin Mobile people to their phones without a hitch - which leads me to assume the problem is my own phone and not theirs. (Boss has a Blackberry World, other friend has a Blackberry Torch, if that's relevant)

    Lastly, since my boss uses BES and our company hasn't updated their server (Or some stuff I don't fully comprehend), she is using the old version of BBM and not version 5, so I can't scan her bar code - she can't update for some reason or another. The second friend lives too far away to be able to scan each others bar code, sadly.

    So I realize I wrote a lot, but understand, I've tried it all! I've done my research, and I've turned up zip. My boss and I have been trying to add each other to BBM on and off for a year since she got hers, to no avail, so we've practically given up.

    I'm using OS (platform and my signal is 1XEV

    ...Uhh, so that's it. Uhm, help?
    12-10-10 08:28 PM