1. CuGuttaNYC's Avatar
    I unlocked my Storm and put it on AT&T's network. Everything works i can send and recieve emails but only text. I cant send or recieve attachments & the same thing is happening in my BBM... i CAN send and recieve MMS messages tho.. I tried everything and cant figiure it out.. ALSO my fone'll have "EDGE" and the second i try using a 3rd party app it drops down to "edge"... the data still works but i thought i should throw that in case it helps anyone.
    07-31-10 02:33 PM
  2. VEGAMO's Avatar
    That's weird, my T-Mobile unlocked Storm 9530 is doing fine. Maybe it isn't compatible?

    Try reseting the OS, and playing around with the APN settings.
    07-31-10 06:42 PM
  3. CuGuttaNYC's Avatar
    its definately not the os and the apn settings are fine... literally everything works except for recieving pix thru email or bbm... mms is perfect. it honestly makes no sense. ive searched google and all the forums and cant find anything similar so i dont no where to begin
    08-01-10 10:38 AM