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    Hey folks. I've looked about a bit for discussions of these issues. For issue #1, I've not seen any discussion of it, for issue #2, I've just not seen any replies to earlier posters, so I thought I'd ask again.

    1)I have a @gmail.com address which syncs just fine through BIS. I also have another .edu address which is actually a google administered account. Right now, that's syncing through IMAP. BIS doesn't offer me the option of syncing it with all of the fancy pants uptown options that come with gmail sync, although in reality, this is a gmail account. Anyone know of a way to use gmail sync through BIS on this?

    2)My calendar on the @gmail.com address doesn''t actually sync, although it's set up to sync. Any clues why not?

    12-26-10 04:51 PM