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    Apply to Twitter v2 Beta on http://blackberry.com/beta

    Looking to find out whats new in the latest version of Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones 2.0? Look no further!

    Redesigned Nav Bar

    The Nav Bar has a whole new look with simplified icons that provide a cleaner layout and a more familiar Twitter experience. With a single click, you can quickly access your Home Timeline, @Mentions, Messages, Lists, perform a search from the new Single Search Screen, or submit a tweet with the new Compose Tweet button accessible from anywhere in the app.

    New Compose Tweet Button

    The new Compose Tweet button in Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones 2.0 is a single touch-point for creating new tweets from anywhere in the app, making it easier than ever to share your location (if setting is enabled) and photos with your followers.

    Single Search Screen

    With the new Single Search Screen in Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones 2.0, you can search for tweets, tweets nearby, people, as well as go-to @users all from a single location. From the new Single Search Screen, you can also view Trending Topics and Saved Searches unifying the entire Twitter Search experience.

    Another great feature for BlackBerry 6 users: Twitter Search works with Universal Search on your BlackBerry smartphone. Search for anything, and Universal Search will pull in relevant results from your entire BlackBerry smartphone, including all Search categories within Twitter.

    External Notifications

    A new application header notifies you when you receive other types of messages, like BBM messages or email, as well as displaying your network connectivity while in the Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones app meaning you no longer need to leave the application in order to discover the types of new external notifications you have.

    New Black/Chrome Color Scheme

    The color scheme throughout the app has been updated to be consistent with the look of the Twitter brand.
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    05-05-11 12:37 PM
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    jus downloaded it...waiting for phone to reboot! will update in a min!!!

    Edit: liking the new colour scheme...will know more over the coming days...
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    05-05-11 12:40 PM
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    jus downloaded it...waiting for phone to reboot! will update in a min!!!
    My eyes dont liked grey theme on it :S
    05-05-11 12:45 PM
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    My eyes dont liked grey theme on it :S
    lol i quite like the darker look, not too made up on the new tweet button, also trending and search being in same section isnt so great to me, now to make a theme to compliment those colours lol
    05-05-11 12:53 PM
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    Loads better and I'm digging the new UI......
    05-05-11 01:23 PM
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    Can't go on to beta zone because I am in Holland but maybe when I am in the states in June I can get some beta applications.
    05-05-11 01:57 PM
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    New UI seems pretty slick.

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    05-05-11 01:59 PM
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    Something new that hasn't been mentioned yet. If you hover over the enable/disable location button when composing a tweet there will be a little map that pops up showing where the app has you "located" at.

    Impressions: Does seem quite a bit faster than the T4BB v1. Actually liking the integration of search into one spot instead of all over the place with the old one. Color scheme I could really care less about between the two. I really like stock os6 theme on my torch anyways so it is more of a match than that somewhat hideous blue-green scheme from before. I like it, and if some of you don't that is your opinion, and you are welcome to downgrade back to v1 if you so choose. Make up your own mind instead of asking other people what they think you should use, just like with different OS versions.
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    05-05-11 02:17 PM
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    Someone can provide an OTA for us living outside the beta zone???

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    05-05-11 06:37 PM