1. DoeZ's Avatar
    I can't figure this out...I'm trying to add a friend who just got her tour...I'm going into my blackberry messenger and hitting add contact and then her name and it goes to her email...is that what I want?
    10-10-09 08:50 PM
  2. irishqt's Avatar
    You should ask her for her pin
    10-10-09 08:52 PM
  3. dopestar's Avatar
    u can add by her email that is correct but make sure she set the email she gave u in her bbm profile information.. i am so glad pin # arent being used much.. emails are better
    10-10-09 08:52 PM
  4. irishqt's Avatar
    Alo when you are asking to add a contact it should ask you if you are doing a pin or email? Make sure you check the correct on. If you are unable to do it ask her to add you.
    10-10-09 08:53 PM
  5. Bla1ze's Avatar
    BBM requests always go to your email anyways, typically they supposed to be removed upon delivery, but some servers do not understand the "surpress up on delivery command"

    In any event using email will work fine, sounds to me like the user just does not know how to / what to look for...worst case tell her to type "mypin" no quotes and email it to you...u then have the PIN.
    10-10-09 09:08 PM
  6. DoeZ's Avatar
    Ok...here's where I'm getting confused. I dont know what I did but all my email contact from my computer are now on my phone and visa versa...I don't want all my contacts from my email to be on my phone...what did I do and how do I undo it? I was able to figure out how to get my son & daughter to be my BBM but now its different...I'm getting confused
    10-10-09 09:17 PM