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    Waves hi to everyone - my inaugural post here.

    I'm a very longterm Palm user who recently decided on a BB Tour after a short frustrating experience with Palm's WebOS. (I don't think a touchscreen-centric device is for me)

    I've spent a substantial amount of time online here and other BB sites learning how to get productive again with the BB. (I have some other issues I will probably bring up in subsequent posts)

    Ran into the apparently common issue where Device Switch Wizard won't recognize modern versions of Palm Desktop, so a few days ago I ended up installing an older version on a non-critical PC to migrate the Palm Desktop data. (Didn't want to disturb my main Palm Desktop installation quite yet, which looks like it was prudent in this case.)

    The transfer seemed to go smoothly enough, no error messages or warnings of note.

    But today I discovered that some of my contact records were truncated. (Really nerve-wracking since I've now lost confidence that other data isn't missing.)

    Specifically, it appears that the BB contacts app is very rigid in terms of fields such as phone number. The Treo/Palm Desktop supports 5 dedicated phone number fields which can be assigned to any one of 8 types: Work, Home, Fax, Other, Main, Pager, Mobile or "Email". Whereas the BB appears to have only 2 fields which can be allocated to "Work phone", and 2 fields which can be allocated to "Home phone". So for contacts where ie I had assigned 4 separate "Work phone" fields, all the fields beyond the 1st 2 were LOST. In fact, in the example I have in front of me right now, even the 2nd BB "Work phone" field was left empty after the import.

    I realize a lot of people suggest using Outlook as an intermediary but I don't normally use that app, nor is it installed on any of my PCs at the moment. But my main concern is whether the BB contacts app even has the capability to hold all those fields coming from my Palm.

    Thanks for any help on this you can offer.

    03-09-10 05:44 AM
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    3 views and not a single response?

    Did I post this in the wrong section?
    03-11-10 03:51 AM