1. dudermont's Avatar
    Hey, I'm sure that this has been discussed before but after searching a couple times I could not come up with the answer.

    So My friends blackberry fell in her tub, while waiting a day or 2 for it to dry out I lent her my old blackberry. When I updated all of her info on to my old phone her blackberry messenger contacts all updated automatically. A couple days later when she put her SIM card back in her phone, none of her Blackberry Messenger contacts could contact her anymore. So without having to re-add all of her contacts, is there a way to force the phone to automatically update her contacts again?

    Thanks in advance.
    12-12-09 04:23 PM
  2. garifer's Avatar
    I just send a quick message to all my contacts to let them know I'm on a new phone with a new PIN. It auto-updates on the receiving end. At least in my experience.
    12-14-09 02:36 PM