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    Hello, so I've just subscribed to the Crackberry Podcast and when I opened the Social Feeds app in the top bar it says Media and right under it Crackberry.com Podcast. But it's empty, it says 'you currently have no feeds'. But when I close Social Feeds and select the Podcast icon I can see the Crackberry podcast and when I choose it, I get a list of episodes and whether I would like to download. How come it's not listed in the Social Feeds app? And how can I make sure that episodes are downloaded automatically?

    I'm subscribed to other podcasts as well and I can see the list of episodes on Social Feeds but I can't see the Crackberry Podcast episodes.

    EDIT: NEVER MIND what I said above I fixed this. I have an issue. When I try to download episodes I get "To download Podcasts, please insert a media card, or turn off Mass Storage Mode. I just started getting this message.

    I changed the save location to Device Memory and the episodes started downloading right away but I want the location to be the media card and not my device's memory.
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    I'm looking for a moderator to close this thread please. Thank you!
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