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    I am hoping someone can help. I have exhausted my BB expertise. I have a friend's Storm. Before the OS upgrade she was having problems. The BBM 5.0 icon had disappeared. When you opened AppWorld and tried to run it from there it gave an uncaught exception error. I performed a full backup (BBM5 also registered and backup to remote performed earlier) and uninstalled BBM 5. I left it off for the OS upgrade because of all the problems I had read on the forums. The upgrade went through flawlessly. Afterwards I activated the phone, installed AppWorld which had disappeared, and used that to install BBM5. No go, there still was no icon and when run from AppWorld same error. I tried a battery pull, no effect. I then tried reinstall and the only icon I got was BBM5 Archived. I tried to restore from archive and phone locks. I then uninstall BBM5 which also uninstalls AppWorld. I redo AppWorld, then BBM5 same thing even after battery pull. I attached to computer and uninstall BBM5 that way and AppWorld gone again. I redo AppWorld, then battery pulls, then d/l BBM5 direct from browser. Same thing. What other options have I not tried?


    I searched the Blackberry Community Support Forums and found a suggestion of clearing the application cache, which I did, rebooted and still get the uncaught exception: Applet already exists. As a side note BBM5 will run if I go to the menu screen and press the menu key and choose Switch Application, but there is still no icon anywhere after several battery pulls. I have looked in ALL folders, the only reference I can find to it is in AppWorlds My World. The BB Application Center does not even show it installed. Another oddity, When I go into Options>Applications>Add-ons BBM5 is shown as being installed (V5.0.0.33) but the icon is the default (4.7/5.0) Calendar icon. I tried clicking on the Calendar icon in the main screen, but the calendar does come up.

    Currently Installed OS:

    V5.0.0.328 (Official Release)
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