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    Hi, I'm currently in Europe on a 3 week vacation, and I want to use my data plan strictly for BBM but the contact profile pics keep updating and i know they are all always between 20-50kb. I get charged 5 cents per KB. I want BBM to stop updating pics. How do I do it???

    I have checked all options, and turned off the show recent updates thing. But pics still keep changing.
    04-17-10 01:11 PM
  2. jakubdyl's Avatar
    04-17-10 08:44 PM
  3. luqman24's Avatar
    u can't, it depends on the contact in ur friends list.
    04-17-10 10:18 PM
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    thats pretty lame... so everytime someone decides to change their profile pic i get charged for $1-2.50. Lame. BBM should have a simple version where nothing changes while u are on roaming mode.
    04-18-10 04:38 AM
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    Jakub, the less simple solution would be to use your media card backup to save your BBM contacts, delete 5.0 BBM while you're overseas, and download the BBM 4.7 version for the time being. Since it doesn't support all of the extra features, this should cut back on your data usage, and then you can wipe 4.7 later, then use the Restore feature after you reload a fresh version of 5.0 BBM.
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    04-18-10 05:42 AM
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    You would have to manually re-add your contacts in 4.7, but at least you'd not get the continuous updates. I'" have my wife send me a link from my other BlackBerry And post it ASAP if someone else doesn't do it first.

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    04-18-10 05:48 AM
  7. jakubdyl's Avatar
    Thanks. I guess that will work for now.
    04-20-10 09:55 AM
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    The reason i see the update always (everytime you reboot or turn on and off) is your contact doesn't necessarily changes their pic is that they have something in their personal message line. If they do, then everytime you update/on/off it will update that person on your phone.

    I use quick pull software every night. So it reboots every night so then when i open my BBM, the updates are there for each contact who has a personal note. If they dont then zero updates unless they change their picture.

    I hope this makes sense.
    04-21-10 06:20 PM