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    hey everyone, i just got 2 little questions about social feeds
    obviously im not using it atm, otherwise i wouldnt have to ask

    1) to add facebook and twitter to social feeds, they have to be installed on ur device, now im wondering..
    (i watched a video) - when starting social feeds, you have to login to facebook/twitter so it works, when logging in to fb/twitter via social feeds does it automatically start ur real facebook/twitter apps and resulting in having facebook/twitter and social feeds opened for it to work?
    or will only social feeds be opened and still keeping you updated?

    2) when adding rss, lets say.. we're adding multiple sites (crackberry, engadget and bgr), does each of them get their own little page on ur phone for the latest news and u have to switch between them, or can you mix them together so can see all the latest rss at once (mixed together on 1 page)

    now for 2 more littttttle questions, not soo important but if you have an anwser = awesome

    3) do you think rim will ever allow us to add 3rd party apps to social feeds?

    4) i dont have LiveProfile yet, but i'll dl it soon.. so IM's like BBM, LiveProfile, IM+ will always be opened..draining my battery (next to apps like quicklaunch, berrybuzz, meterberry, berryweather etc)
    so always having fb/twitter opened would drain the battery too fast, so i thought social feeds could be quite nice keeping me updated all the time, so.. does it drain ur battery fast?

    edit: 5) when opening Social Feeds do you always have to manually click "login to facebook", "login to twitter" for it to give u the latest updates? or can that be done automatically? -> does it login automatically?
    and what about rrs-feeds?

    thanks in advance for ur help, much appreciated !
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    Let's see:

    1. Your apps don't have to be open to keep SF receiving new feeds. It behaves AND treats fb/twitter pretty much like any other webpage, so it's not working from the apps on the device itself. The only downside is that you have to keep those apps installed.

    2. They're mixed together, icons before the feed indicates where this feed comes from. If you don't want to see it this way, you'll have to go to the top of the SF page and click on it. A list will show up and you can select any feed you've subscribed for. Moving to the left/right will show you the other subscriptions.

    3. I think this will come soon. Let's just hope this will be added in 6.1. Love to see this as well.

    4. SF doesn't drain my battery. But that's only me. It drains battery because it pulls your feeds every now and then. This can be changed in the options (let's say making them every 5 minutes- 12 hours I believe).

    5. If you've logged into fb and twitter the first time, it'll stay logged in. It logs in automatically.

    Hope this will help you out a bit.
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    04-03-11 03:14 PM
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    thank you so much !
    it didnt just help me out a bit, but a lot

    really appreciated
    sounds good ! would be nice to see this in 6.1, i'd like to have UberSocial added instead of the official twitter-client and..yea, stuff like that
    04-03-11 03:26 PM
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    You're welcome! We're family here.

    I just looked at my post and I truly have to appolize for that. Sorry for the typos and grammar usage. It's just been a very long intensive day.

    Stay safe!
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