1. daveshiz's Avatar
    we wanted better facebook we got it albeit still on beta
    we wanted a cross platform for all liveprofile has just launched
    and is looking very promising
    the new bbm is just around the corner ,but is it any different at all??
    6.1 is on its way but for whom ??
    03-30-11 06:37 AM
  2. PiotrJot's Avatar
    For me in a short term: FB out of beta, as it is not available for me.
    In a little longer term: need to think about PB once it comes to this part of the world.
    And then: difficult choice between one of the new BBs coming out later this year (Bold Touch or Torch 2)

    And next year of course new leaks, new releases, and new discussions of what is coming out next!!
    Marketing people never sleep
    03-30-11 07:52 AM