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    I understand that BB is always revising software content. I got a BB in Mar and then had to replace it in Jul. There are many differences with the BBM ap. I am curious though - when I send a SMS message it shows up under the BBM contacts name as a chat with a cell phone icon next to it. What does that mean?

    Also when I try to forward a SMS as an email it only captures the first SMS, not the entire thing. I'm not sure if this is a defect within the software or if I need to set something up for this function. I did not have this problem with my last curve. If I save the SMS and then delete the SMS convo from the SMS window again the saved message only shows the first SMS line.

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    09-01-10 11:01 AM
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    Did you just update to OS 5.0?
    09-01-10 11:40 AM
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    If you mean OS 5.0 for BBM, it states the current version on my phone is 5.0.066...to my recollection I have not upgraded any OS for my BB. I just got it in Jul, pretty much charged it and set up my IM programs. That's it.
    09-01-10 05:02 PM