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    I'm sure this has been covered somewhere else, but I had trouble finding what I was looking for. I'm currently running OS .607, but I am not sure my problem is related to this or not, as it didn't occur until well after updating to the newer OS. My problem is when I receive a message from a contact on my BBM list, my phone receives it as a BBM message even if it is an SMS message. It also puts a little PHONE symbol next to the message. However, even though it comes through as BBM message I'm still restricted to 160 characters. It has really become a pain and is quite annoying. Any help would be appreciated!

    I have already tried battery pulls and have updated to the newest BBM to try and fix the problem.

    Thanks in advance!
    04-16-10 05:19 PM
  2. Riders On The Storm's Avatar
    This happens intermittently for me as well... I honestly have no clue why...
    04-16-10 05:41 PM
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    happens to me on my tour running 5.0.0484 - i also did the battery pulls and the newest bbm.
    04-16-10 05:44 PM
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    I am not sure if this is something that you just noticed but SMS no matter where you type your message is still a SMS message and is restricted to the 160 character limit of VZW. Now you may be getting your SMS's in your BBM app but it's still a SMS and will continue to be treated as such!
    04-16-10 05:54 PM
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    I understand the 160 character limit for SMS messages. My problem is my SMS whether being sent by me or received by me are coming through as BBM messages if they're to/from a BBM contact. They also show as a blank message on my message threading.
    04-16-10 06:02 PM
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    Check to see if u have your contacts linked. If u link a bbm contact with their name in your phone book their SMS msgs will appear where their bbms appear with the little symbol beside it. If u want to unlink it to receive SMS separate go to ur bbm contacts, go to the contact u want n hit the BB button and scroll down until it says remove contacts link. As for the character limit I believe that's just a carrier thing. Hope this helps.

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    04-16-10 06:31 PM
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    For everyone experiencing this problem or similar if you check out [THIS] thread I had the same problem. I had the exact same problem you are having. That thread should explain everything you are talking about and asking and how to resolve it. It has happened once or twice again but I did the same thing and it is working again normally.

    Let me know if that helps you or if not I will be able to assist you more because I have been through it.

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    04-16-10 06:38 PM
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    Thank you for pointing that out, I edited it. I just got confused I guess.
    04-16-10 06:49 PM
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    No prob. It happens. I checked out the link anyways to see if it was similar to what I said n that's a great link. Hopefully it helps the op out.

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    04-16-10 06:51 PM
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    Un-link the contact from your BBM contacts (as has been mentioned).

    I've gotten used to this, although I'm not sure I like this "feature". The reason you're restricted to 160 chars is because it is an actual SMS message, not a BBM message. Since you linked the BBM contact to the contact sending the SMS, it appears in the BBM folder (and in the SMS folder as well, but the alert settings for BBM will notify you). This was a new feature when BBM 5.0 (with OS 5.0 I think) was released, and it doesn't make much sense to me...it needs to be refined a bit so that it actually uses the BBM message protocol.

    An alternate solution would be to educate your contacts to use BBM over SMS when sending you messages if that's what you'd prefer, although I've found this to be difficult with a few of my friends...
    04-16-10 10:02 PM
  11. westlee.williams's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! Unlinked the contact in BBM as instructed, issue resolved.

    Thanks again!
    04-17-10 04:24 AM
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    I was having the same problems, thanks for the info everyone.

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    04-17-10 06:12 AM
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    I'm a bit confused about the instruction to REMOVE CONTACTS LINK to stop SMS showing in BBM. If I do this, it says I will also remove PIN information. Wouldn't that now prevent the use of PIN messages?
    04-17-10 04:18 PM
  14. mkelley111's Avatar
    Pvdiamon u will be fine. Just click yes and u will still be able to bbm that person. It will just remove their bbm info from their contact info in your phonebook.

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    04-17-10 05:54 PM
  15. pvdiamon's Avatar
    Can you still send a PIN message after removing the link?
    04-18-10 07:45 AM
  16. mkelley111's Avatar
    Yes u can still send a pin msg and bbm. The only difference is the contact is no longer linked in your phonebook. The link is nice because it keeps the persons info all together in ur phonebook but u do not have to have the contact linked in order to pin msg or bbm. If u r worried the worst case scenario is u would have to relink the contact (but trust me u will be fine, lol).

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    04-18-10 11:45 AM