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    Hello, I've had a few problems with my Blackberry 8520- I don't know if this is in the right place, sorry if it's not.

    I've been having major problems with recieving & sending both SMS and BBM messages. They are major slow and I've battery pulled a thousand times. I need my phone for work and to communicate with my friends, can anyone help me out?

    I recieve recent updates from like three people every hour which isn't right, as I have 100 contacts and more than three people would update in one hour.

    I'm on T-MOBILE and here are the details of my phone:
    Version 8520
    Software version: 5.0 Bundle 1168
    BBM version 6.

    Can anyone come up with an explanation, or better yet a solution to as why my phone is being such a pain?

    Thank you - Luke.
    10-30-11 05:38 PM