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    hi guys, one question.
    I think to understand that when I put the BB in its holster, it goes automatically to sleep mode, while when I manually press the mute button in the top, it goes to standby.

    if that is right, do you know which mode drains more battery? sleep or standby?

    I'm asking this because I am not using the holster, it is too big for me, I am using a soft wool holster instead so I can not put the BB to sleep, I can just manually put it in standby mode.. and if stanby drains more batter than sleep mode I would like to put the BB in sleep mode some way.. is there a key button to do that?

    thanks in advance bye!
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    03-24-10 02:53 AM
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    Excellent Question (y)

    I would like to know the answer too
    03-24-10 04:18 AM
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    I'm using this pouch to carry mine and it has the sleeping magnet. This pouch is very thin: Sena Cases - Designer Leather Cases : BlackBerry-Curve 8900 -UltraSlim I don't think you can activate the sleeping mode without the magnet.
    03-24-10 08:38 AM
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    2 easy choices on that. 1) use the standby function connected to the buttons on top of your phone. 2) bedside mode can be accessed through the menu in the clock function.
    03-24-10 08:43 AM
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    thanks for your replies.

    @david: the sena pouch is very nice, but quite expensive, and I would like to use my own pouch (of my soccer team )

    @chaz: bedside mode doesn't seem to act the same as inserting the BB in the pouch.. bedside mode shows the clock on the screen, while when you insert the BB in the pouch the screen shuts off completely..

    as per the standby mode via the buttons on top, it seems to do the same as when you insert the BB in the pouch (sleep), but I would like to be sure they are exactly the same thing (in different sites they say standby and sleep modes are two different things..)


    03-24-10 09:33 AM