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    I know this is a stupid question, but...

    As of now, I don't use the calendar application very much. I have a few entries and I feel as if I could be using it more effectively. I have my birthdays, class schedule, etc. currently in the calendar. I have set reminder alerts for all entries but they are not set very well.

    For instance, I have my class schedule in the calendar and I am alerted 5 minutes before class starts. If I were to forget, 5 minutes isn't enough time for me to get there. While I know I can change the alert times, I'm wondering how others handle such situations.

    If you have homework due, an appointment, due date for a short report, etc. how do YOU put the entry into the calendar application?

    I am just looking for ideas how to better utilize the Blackberry calendar. Also, how do you incorporate the tasks application into your daily lives.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    one of the good ideas is to synchronize your BB calendar with MS Outlook or Google Calendar. Especially 2-way synchronization rocks.
    07-23-10 01:11 PM
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    Two-way sync with Google allows entry from both the computer and the handheld. Calendar is a main screen icon for rapid display of 6 entries. Compulsive checking keeps my schedule in mind. No reminders set.

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    07-23-10 01:39 PM