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    ShortcutMe with new set of macro commands, more configurable Scheduled Shortcut Launch feature, and improved macro launching (after BBM), better launching mechanism to launch App World and other apps that can't be launched by other launching apps.

    **ShortcutMe is %20 off today**

    About ShortcutMe:

    New Features in ShortcutMe

    1- Can now run macros after opening BBM

    2- Added DELKey macro (simulates the Delete Key)

    3- Added Ding macro (runs a note when executed. This can be used to notify you)

    4- Faster macro launch when AppName is set to Macro

    5- Can launch App World, the new BBM and many other apps that currently can't be launched by other launcher apps.

    New Features in ShortcutMe

    1- Following new macros are added:

    - Launch (Directly launch an application from the macros)
    - If, Then, Else, EndIf (Macros can now behave differently depending on the state of some variables)
    - While, Do, EndWhile (Runs a macro sets until state of a variable is changed? Can be use to run a macro first after the device has not been used for more than 10 seconds)
    - IsAppForeground (Returns true if an app is in foreground)
    - IsAppRunning (Returns true if an app is running)
    - IsCalling (Returns true if there is an active call in progress)
    - ToCB (Copies a text into BB clipboard)
    - IsCBEmpty (Returns true if BB clipboard is empty)
    - HighlightedToCB (Copies a highlighted text into the BB clipboard)
    - PasteFromCB (Fetches the text in BB clipboard and uses it in the macro. The text can be a macro name or a value)
    - IsLocked (Returns true if the device is locked)
    - Lock (locks the BB)
    - Unlock (Attempts to unlock BB)
    - IsInHolster (Returns true if the device is in holster)
    - Vibrator (BB vibes for xxx mSecs.)
    - SetBrightness (sets LCD brightness to a value)
    - BackLightOff (Turns off the LCD backlight)
    - BackLightOn
    - IdleSeconds (Returns # of seconds the BB has not been used)
    - ImportMacro (Import and run macros from another shortcut in ShortcutMe)
    - Call (calls a number directly from macros)
    - Inc (Increments a variable)
    - Dec (Decrements value of a variable)

    2- Scheduled Launching based on days of the week (Schedule a shortcut to launch at a specific time of a specific day of the week)

    3- Increased number of Scheduled Launching shortcuts to 10

    4- Scheduled Launch Shortcut after a device reboot (Allows to launch a shortcut at a specific time after a device reboot)

    5- Added SCM_CommonConfig, SCM_ScheduledL, SCM_SystemMenu, SCM_AddNewApp, SCM_DirectLaunch (Create a shortcut, a multiclick shortcut, or a BB system menu to open a specific page of ShortcutMe)

    6- Added "Set Category Color" menu Item (Allows setting the color for all items in a Category by one click)

    7- Removed Options_Sub2Page, Options_SubPage, AirPlaneMode_Toggle (All of these can easily be created by user using macros)

    8- Added Duplicate menu item (Allows duplicating/copying a shortcut)
    08-05-11 11:55 AM
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    cool story bro
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