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    Hey guys. I recently got my bold 9900, marking the end of my Curve regime. My issue is, my curve never had *any* delay between any Exchange email. My new 9900 has sometimes a 20min delay in receiving Exchange email. This is not good becaue email is absolutely critical for me in my job, and I need emails the second they are sent, not 20+mins later. What is wrong here?
    12-24-11 04:09 PM
  2. 85_305's Avatar
    But was that an Exchange mail client? Because I have 3 email addys going to my bbery... And the yahoo mails are *instant*. My Exchange email address is the only one delayed.
    12-24-11 04:19 PM
  3. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    20 minute. I wonder if it is 17, which could indicate the email account was detected as POP account.
    12-24-11 04:22 PM
  4. 85_305's Avatar
    NOw that's interesting... I don't have it down to an exact number, all I know is it was FAR longer than I was willing to settle with. A few mins ago I sent myself a test-email as I re-registered my service books. I still have not received it. I'll let you know the exact amount of time tho.
    But are you saying my exchange server is at fault, my personal email settings, or my bberry settings? Because I had to set up the Advanced options on my bberry and point the phone to the exact location of my email on the server.
    12-24-11 04:27 PM
  5. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Not saying that at all. I was merely suggesting that the BIS may now see the exchange email as a POP type account. POP have polls to see if there is any new mails. Gmail for instance uses IDLE IMAP which appears instantly. I even get emails on my berry before it appears in the gmail inbox.
    12-24-11 04:30 PM
  6. 85_305's Avatar
    Alright here's the deal. At 5:21pb, I sent a test email from my one yahoo account to the exchange account. At 529pm, I sent another test email from my other yahoo account to my exchange account. They both came in simultaneously at 530.
    This is funny, because there have been other times where all of a sudden, 6emails post to my phone all at the same time. So it sounds like your right here.. Seems the poll time is every 15mins or every 30mins or something.

    So where do I change this setting from poll to push like yahoo uses?
    12-24-11 04:37 PM