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    Hi and thanks for reading,

    I have a BlackBerry Curve 8520 and I opened it yesterday. I am coming from Android and WinMo so this is my first BlackBerry!

    I have a SIM with minutes and a data plan, but not BIS, from T-Mobile UK. Do I need BIS if I have BESExpress (see below). Currently, Enterprise email is the only option on the device because it is not registered with the network (monthy charge if I do this).

    I have a private Microsoft Exchange account and provider who has installed BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express on the Exchange server.

    I can correctly set up 'desktop' email via my PC and Outlook but it's not good enough because I don't believe it syncs contacts and calendar OTA, which is essential for me.

    I'm having problems setting up Enterprise email on the device and was looking for help:
    - Is the password prompt my BlackBerry activation email password?
    - What is the activation server address?
    - With my Exchange account, I have an email address/name and an alias, i.e. I use email address/name to log in to OWA etc. but mail is sent as the alias - which do I use?


    AM I wrong about desktop setup, because that Outlook email acount is the same account I want to set up...

    Any advice is appreciated.
    05-13-10 03:10 AM