1. iAmKaito's Avatar
    I bought a used blackberry 9700 about 2 weeks ago and when i first got it, added the BIS service from Digicel. Immediately, i added two of my most used email addresses and all was well until a couple days ago when i realised that when i went into the setup wizard, I was unable to select the "Email Address" option. It would do nothing when i pressed the select button.
    I've called in and google everything and i've:
    -gotten Digicel to resend the service books
    -register my phone again in the host router table
    -done several soft and hard restarts/battery pulls
    -deactivated the TCP IP
    -re-installed OS 6
    etc etc etc

    Please, can i get some help?
    01-16-12 11:24 AM
  2. Drunken-Monkey's Avatar
    Sounds like you haven't the e-mail setup application installed...
    Is it an original OS?
    Could you post some details on it?

    Because I once installed a custom OS and accidentally removed the email app
    and when I tried to open it, nothing happend... just like your description.
    01-17-12 07:34 AM