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    I updated to the latest version of BBM on my phone and it seems to be having some serious issues.

    While in a chat it constantly and completely at random exits to the main contact list; when I click on the active conversation again, it either exits again immediately, or "works" for a second, then exits... also the little "clock" icon keeps coming on like the BB is "working" every 2 seconds...along with a lot of data activity that I would consider abnormal for BBM. Shouldn't it just transmit/receive data when a message is being sent/received and not while you are typing?? The problem is annoying as H*ell, considering you can't really carry on a normal chat with someone. It got to the point tonight where I'd wait for 15 seconds or more before the clock icon would disappear and I could type something.

    I am still on OS 4.6.whatever (sorry - I don't have my BB right with me).

    It seems every time RIM releases a new version of their apps, BBM, Facebook etc. I end up screaming at my phone!!! Can anyone help?? Is this a BBM issue, or a 8350i issue?
    09-13-10 07:01 PM