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    so i need to be able to reply to emails using alternate emails. for example, my main gmail account is connected to 2 other email address of mine. my college email address, and my work email address.

    i have added my gmail account onto my bb device but i need to be able to reply to emails using all 3 email addresses. for example, if a professor emails my school email address, it will arrive in my gmail inbox, i then need to reply back to my professor using my school email address. I see the part at the top that says "Sending Using.." but i cannot choose any other email address besides my default.

    Is there a way to be able to reply from either my personal, school and work? thank you very much.

    I have inserted a picture to give a better understanding of what i need from my bb device; the abilitiy to send emails as 3 different email address from one place.

    08-24-10 12:57 PM