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    Someone on my BBM sent me these instructions on how to send pics faster/keep transfer expiring.

    When I tried to follow these steps I made it as far as step 2.

    For # 3 I have a TCP option. When I click on it my options are to enter a username and password.

    So I'm assuming that these direction are for a diff model BB?

    I have an 8320 and the person who sent this to me has a Storm.

    To send pictures faster (without transfers expiring) using the new BBM5, you have to disable TCP/IP settings by doing the following steps:
    1) Go to 'Options'
    2) 'Advanced Options'
    3) 'TCP/IP settings"
    4) Un-Mark 'APN Settings Enabled'
    5) Save
    11-03-09 04:41 AM