1. Artemis68's Avatar
    Is there any way (or program) to allow me to select more than one photo (for file) to attach to an email?

    I usually send a lot of photos via email, usually 3 or more in one email. It be much faster if I could select a bunch and attach them alll to the email rather than select them individually.

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    01-15-10 11:10 AM
  2. thecrippler's Avatar
    I have the same issue... everyone says hook it up to your computer but in that case why not just e-mail from my computer and in that case why own a blackberry... come on there has got to be a better way to attach more than one pic to an email at once. I have like 1000 pics on my phone and trying to scroll to the one I want when its in the middle is ****!!! Why not just rename it? That still doesn't save the issue of having to go back for every flippin attachment... grrr
    02-08-10 01:50 PM