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    I am going to be selling my Bold 9700 that was on my work BES. I have already done a security wipe and formatted the memory card. I believe all personal information is off the phone now (except it still shows my old phone number, sim card has been turned off so no provisioning/connection but it is still in the phone, I will remove when sold).

    My question is this, does the security wipe remove all info relating to my old BES activation? My BB was on a BES, then after leaving job it was removed from the BES by my old job and then I started to use it with a BIS. Now sim has been cancelled and I want to sell.

    I just want to make sure it is completely wiped and ready to use for the person who purchases it. I have a good OS on it and want the buyer to be able to use it without reloading it, if they so choose of course.

    03-10-10 12:20 PM