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    When I transfer the Sim from my 9800 to my 9630, there's another profile with the Tour pin that asks for invitations from my Torch Bbm contacts list. How do I keep the current profile and contacts intact regardless of device/pin change? I thought restoring would keep my Torch profile and contacts.

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    02-25-11 05:28 AM
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    Before doing the swap, you need to setup remote backup in BBM Options on the device that has the Profile and Contacts you want to keep. To do this just open BBM, press the menu key (), choose Options, go to Backup Management section and choose Backup, then Backup Files Remotely. Now, choose one of the emails associated with you device and let it do it's thing.

    NOTE: If it's taking longer than say 5-10 minutes to process and register your email, make sure you check your email accounts SPAM Folder, mark the email from bbmessenger (something or another) as NOT SPAM. Then go back to BBM and repeat the above steps.

    After it successfully registers your email, you should be all set to restore later. I would also choose to Backup Files Locally onto your SD Card just for safe measures.

    Now BBM should be all set to auto-backup whenever there is changes made. What I would again ALSO do is connect your BlackBerry (the one with the BBM Contacts and Profile info) to your computer and do a backup using BlackBerry Desktop Software.

    Once all the backing up is done, I would then change over to the new BlackBerry you want to use, connect it to the computer, set it up with BlackBerry Desktop Software and do a Restore. Choose the Backup File you just previously created with your other device moments ago.

    When that's done, disconnect and go into BBM. It should be all set now that you did a restore and your Contacts and Profile information should be there as well...if it is not and you get the create username screen or the option to restore link, than choose to restore from the email that you used to register with Remote Backup earlier in this post. The email has to be associated with this new device and should be from the Restore. If not, than you would need to setup your BIS account with your new device by going to the Email Setup icon on your BB.

    Every time I switch BlackBerry's (as a matter of fact, I just did 2 weeks ago) my BBM Contact's and Profile info carry over. Honestly, a lot of my Contacts and Profile info have been the same since day one 3 years ago! I've always been able to restore my info from one BlackBerry to the next and that's because I always make sure I have Remote Backup setup with all emails associated with my BB and I do a Local Backup to my SD Card every time I use a new device. Plus, probably one of the most important things you do anytime you get a new BlackBerry or do an OS upgrade is Backup your device using BlackBerry Desktop Software before your do anything!

    Anyway, I hope this helps you out and you are able to carry over your BBM info. If you have anymore questions, lemme know!

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    02-25-11 09:53 PM
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    Awesome!! But..

    I remember everything transitioning flawlessly, I tried the above steps but my problem keeps on occurring, probably has to do with me adding the same contacts to my Tour on a different SIM/Carrier a couple months back, which left a different profile stuck to the Tour PIN? I just need a silent transition..
    03-02-11 09:49 AM
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    So it appears to be duplicating my profile only on certain Contacts, but most of them were undisturbed, so I'm pretty glad it worked out.
    03-03-11 01:55 PM