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    I really think RIM should partner with one or more hardware manufacturers to increase its leverage and accelerate new QNX platforms to market.

    I am not advocating RIM should stop making hardware, but instead selectively partnering to increase the install base of QNX systems. If QNX do not have enough volumes (the best case for Playbook would be 3-5 millions units the first year) the apps/developer eco-system will never be large enough to matter.

    It seems to me, MMI, Asus, HTC, and Samsung could all be possible candidates, as QNX and RIM legacy strength offers any one of these Android clone makers a major differentiation.

    BBM, push email/messages, QNX/TAT should NOT be marginalized due to manufacturing or problems with the MRVL tri-cores chip - market windows will only remain open for a short time in this increasing competitive world.
    05-23-11 12:08 PM
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    You are just going to hammer this idea until you find people to agree with you aren't you?

    RIM needs to protect their IP, not share it with competition, RIM needs to get QNX certified to the same level as BBOS with every agency, they don't need to be spreading it around like grass seed.

    Why would a user pick a Blackberry phone if they could get a samsung phone with the same OS? it would give RIM zero incentive to build touch screen phones, it would kill their ability to build a unique tablet line.

    You flood the market with a product for a quick return, long term revenue would say protect your IP and develop the ecosystem around it.
    05-23-11 12:29 PM
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    I do not want QNX/BBOS to mimic Android. Android is a mess.

    Not only that, but RIM makes hardware that is of pretty good quality. Arguably one of the top. (My opinion, but I'm sure its shared among many) I think having a phone made my Samsung or ASUS (as much as I like both companies) would be a step backwards. I'm talking build quality, not hardware specs. RIM's 2011 phones look to be plenty beefy for the BB OS, I just dont see how its worth paying for a 1.2Ghz dual core just to run the BB OS right now. RIM already said QNX will only be released on dual cores, so... its coming.
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    05-23-11 01:17 PM
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    Allow me to elaborate...

    I am thinking more along the line of: RIM can still differentiate itself by Android VM, BBM, Calendar, TAT interfaces etc. A RIM QNX phone (based upon a third party design) could have a complete different user experiences than a Samsung QNX phone.

    Why did RIM have to buy a company to support iPhone and Android devices under BES?? the margin is good, and people want to bring their own phones to work, IT staff wants to get out of supporting and maintaining corporate devices. That means RIM is losing corporate market handsets shares even with its excellent, unique, secure corporate smartphone experiences, but that does not mean RIM has to loose the lucrative business of securing these devices via BES! SMART MOVE on RIM!

    Without free BBM, I seriously doubt that RIM would be the #1 smart phones in the Latin America, UK/Europe, and a few other countries. Again, software drives the adoptions and margins.

    The point is the increasing capital investments needed for designing and manufacturing new high-end phones amongst the limited capacity of Asian ODM's posts ongoing greater risks to corporate margins, even when phones/tablets come to market on time vs. the competitions.

    Will RIM be able to continuously make a large portfolio of devices and still maintain its current gross margins? remember, Apple has over $60 Billion in cash, and often prepay for critical components, or build its own captive facility with partners (e.g., Sharp)

    RIM can still make great world-class keyboard based devices to be competitive and good margins. It is not the same case for high-end specs devices.

    QNX, as arguably the most advanced and proven real time OS, should not be marginalized with hardware delays. The alacrity of the QNX eco-system growth is paramount for its future in the mobile world.
    05-23-11 01:19 PM
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    See I think the Mobile phone world is approaching the Laptop world,

    Specs will matter less and less, being cutting edge wont matter, as an example go through best buy and compare the amount of i3 vs i5 vs i7 notebooks, the i7 Notebook are not the hot sellers.

    RIM would be better to get QNX all the security clearances it has with BBOS, and then it would be better to greatly improve it's BES / BIS offerings to build the Blackberry eco system, eco systems will drive phone sales as much as the hardware. THAT!! is why Apple rules the roost with a single device, it is FAR from the best device at doing what it does, but it does have the largest most robust eco system and integration.

    RIM needs to address THIS before trying to wh0re QNX to anyone who wants to use it.
    05-23-11 01:26 PM
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    Edit: I actually replied to you ^^ until I checked your post history and saw how much of a troll you were...
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