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    Hi there,

    I needed to know how I can RETRIEVE my BBM chats back into my BBM application so I can read them like I would when I receive a chat.

    I went into BBM options and chose to save all my BBM chats to my MEDIA card. I have about 3 months worth of Chat on my BBM.

    Recently Tmobile sent me an email to upgrade to OS v6 which I did. Upon upgraded, all my chat history (BBM, WhatsApp) vanished.

    Now I know that I had set my BBM to be saved on my media card. The question is how to I retrieve it to put it back into my BBM chat page.

    Much thanks,
    04-13-11 11:40 AM
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    Did you choose to save your BBM chat conversations prior to upgrading to OS6? If so, you're good to go. Simply go to one of your BBM contacts, hit the Blackberry button, scroll up to "view chat history" and select that option. You'll see all of the previous conversations you've had with that person.

    The other thing is that if you've made a backup file through desktop manager, you should be able to see all of your chats. It's included as part of the data in a backup file. Once you restore the file to your phone, your previous chats should reappear in BBM.

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    04-13-11 12:10 PM
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    Hello Apocalypso . . . Thanks for replying.

    When I did the upgrade to OS, yea my bbm chats were saved to media card.

    Prior to upgrading to OS v6, the Desktop manager did ask me to back up my data which I did and after it finished the upgrade it automatically did the restore. So I see all my contacts, I see my SMS history and I see my WhatsApp history as well.

    What I didnt see is my old BBM chats/history. I can see them as per the process you told me above but it appears as a history NOT as part of the chat view.

    Is there an option one has to choose on the Blackberry desktop that says upon restore, to restore all BBM chats as well since you mention its included as part of the data in a back up file??? If there is an option I need to choose so that in future any back ups include my BBM chats as well as my other chats and then restores it exactly where it was backed up from . . . please guide me through that process?

    Much thanks,
    04-13-11 12:19 PM
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    Hey mareena, I dont think you can see it as a chat view. When u reinstall a new OS, all the convo in your chat view gets deleted. Since you backed it up, you can only view it as history.
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    04-13-11 03:33 PM
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    Thanks flyingdutchman7588 . . .
    04-13-11 04:35 PM