1. dimm0k's Avatar
    I recently upgraded to BBM 5.0 from whatever came as default on my Tour and had messed around the Desktop Manager and the result of that was BBM 5.0 was supposedly still on my device but the icon for it was no longer there. I went through a bunch of things to finally get it back, but in the interim all my messages done through BBM were removed. I do have a recent backup so my question is... is it possible to restore ONLY the BBM messages and nothing else? I want to keep all my e-mails, SMS, and MMS messages intact and ONLY restore the BBM messages.
    11-06-09 03:55 PM
  2. netbeans's Avatar
    1. Connect BB using USB to PC
    2. Start BDM
    3. Click Backup and Restore
    4. Click Advanced
    5. Choose BBM Messages and click the corresponding arrow.

    A word of caution, if you have any BBM messages on your BB, when the Restore process is triggered, it'll overwrite the existing BBM messages on your BB.
    11-06-09 04:08 PM
  3. dimm0k's Avatar
    Thanks for the speedy reply! Unfortunately there is no "BBM Messages" in the listing... This is with BDM 5.0.1 BTW.
    11-06-09 04:12 PM