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    Hello I just restored my BBM contacts and it restored the contacts from about a month ago. One of the contacts has a busy status from this time frame. I have sent this contact several bbm's but only the check mark is showing and not the usual d or r. When restoring contacts is the status of the contact in real time or from the time when they are restore? Does it matter what the status was when restoring the contacts and are they receiving messages?
    03-28-10 10:17 AM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    Has the user recently changed devices also? That would explain the non-delivery of the message. If your Restore profile was from a month ago, and they changed, there would be no direct path left.

    You could copy their PIN, delete that profile, and send a message to re-add. But if there is a change, that wouldn't get you through to them. It is also possible they did a BBM update, and accidentally deleted you, so it may take a bit of sorting to get through this issue.

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    03-28-10 12:11 PM