1. jeffconnell12's Avatar
    Hey, i just recently sent my 8530 curve back to RIM, and i made sure to backup everything on my computer, and backup my bbm contacts on the media card (which the 8700 doesnt take) and on my email account, however when i go into the BBM on my loaner 8700 there is no option to restore through email, and when i do the restore from desktop manager i get nothing from my old phone on this new loaner.. any ideas how i can get my bbm contacts back!? thanks
    09-02-10 06:49 PM
  2. mIQ Live's Avatar
    It depends what you have your email and contacts stored in. If you happen to use google, you can just sign into your account on your new phone and all your data will load up. You could also register for a free backup application and upload all your data into that to automatically load to your phone.
    09-03-10 07:00 PM