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    Hi Just upgraded from curve 8900 to Curve 3g 9300

    I restored my contacts and it some like 75% of the contacts keep asking me to re-invite. It seems I keep disappearing from my friends list.

    I test message my wife my bb ask me to reinvite her i do that she accepts invitation we chat fine, then wake up tomorrow it asks me again to reinvite her and i disappear from her list. This is the case with most of my contact.

    OS: 6.o Bundle 2475 (ver. Platform, latest version of bbm.

    I tried deleting the contact and the contact deleting me and then adding me.
    I tried deleting from both phones and i add the contact.
    I tried deleting bbm then reinstalling then restoring contacts...
    I tried wiping the handheld still the same...

    No solution online....
    Anyone knows anything about this thing?

    Thanks in advance...
    07-22-11 12:10 AM