1. itz's Avatar
    I deleted a BBM contact so that i could restored it using restore back but in local back I mistakenly selected auto save contact ist changes and of course it saved the last change which included the deleted contact.

    Once I restored by BBM contact list using device backup, the contact deleted did not appeared.

    So I restored again using a older date backup and the contact showed up and I even sent a message and it showed as delivered and read but then suddenly the contact dissapeared.
    07-10-10 08:07 AM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    You might need to restore using the old backup file and rerun the auto save contact to get it Incorporated.
    07-10-10 09:04 AM
  3. itz's Avatar
    I think that the problem is that when I deleted the contact, I did an instant back up and of course the contact was not in this backup. I then did another restore backup from an older date date and the contact showed up and the conversation appeared twice and I deleted one of them.
    The conversation showed up with the D and then with the R and then suddenly the conversation and the contact were gone.
    I did restore two more times with older backups and the contact showed but then suddenly dissapeared. Could it be that the contact is deleting me?
    07-10-10 10:28 AM
  4. itz's Avatar
    How do you rerun the auto save contact to get it Incorporated. Will I showed in my contacts bb messenger as a contact?

    Does it matter if you have a recent back up and when you do the restore you use an older back (3 days ago instead of todays)
    07-10-10 10:32 AM
  5. Mamaluka's Avatar
    I am one of those people who swap sims from one bb to another often. I noticed that since a few days ago, I do not have to restore my bbm contacts when swapping back and forth between bb's. They auto restore, whereas prior, I had to manually restore each time I swapped. Something's changed.

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    07-10-10 10:36 AM