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    This topic has been beaten to the bone, so yes, I am aware - that BBM5 will resize images (To about 13 - 20 KB) when sending an image to non BBM5 devices (Or older). This has always been lightning fast.

    The problem is when I try and send a file from BBM5 to BBM5, the picture is sent in its native resolution (About 450 - 650 KB) - with no option to resize the image; Hence taking up all my bandwidth and not to mention time - to send a simple image.

    Is there any App (Preferably free) that will resize images for me on the BB so that they can be transferred quickly (I'm on a 8520 running on 4.6.1)? More importantly, is there anyway I can fool BBM5 to believe it is sending this image to a non BBM5 (Or older) device?

    Please HELP! I am not sending or receiving any images from BBM5 friends, as this process has become too time consuming.
    10-12-09 02:53 PM