1. Ziads's Avatar
    i am just wondering if i do a wipe to my blackberry bold 9700, i will loose all my BBM PINS. IF i do restore for the back up that i have on my memory card, will my friend recieve again a friend request from me to re add me? Or will i stay on their bbm list asif i didnt delete/remove them already?! Please let me know ASAP so that i do a wipe or not :/ thanks Guys & CB!
    05-19-10 05:45 PM
  2. ME-BB-Avid's Avatar
    Go to your BBM, use the contact list backup option via email. Backup to your pc just incase through BB device manager. Wipe your blackberry - update BBM then go and open it - you will automatically be presented with an option to restore via email, if not, press menu while in BBM, options, restore, input the email address. An email will be dispatched to the email you backed up to; be sure to set your emails on your blackberry ofcourse before restoring. When you choose to restore, an email will be received on your blackberry, your phone will automatically process it and restore all your contact list. No invites will be resent and your contacts won't even know you switched phones. Your pin will automatically change in everyone's list.
    05-19-10 05:50 PM
  3. eb81784's Avatar
    I usually do a remote backup. I never wiped my phone, but when I switched from a 8900 to a 9700 it automatically restored all of my bbm contacts. I'm pretty sure it doesn't no one receives any re-invites or anything.. It would be as it was before u wiped I would assume

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    05-19-10 05:51 PM
  4. Ziads's Avatar
    Thanks guys for the information, but just last question, if i already did a backup on my memory card for my BBM list, then i did a wipe for my bold 9700... after wipe if i go and do a restore from a backup file from device and NOT by Email, my friends wont even know i wiped my phone and readd them again right? They wont receive any request again from me to accept ?? thx alots ME-BB-Avid & EB81784
    05-19-10 06:00 PM