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    Alright gang,

    Has any else is having this issue but i have not been able to send locations through bbm for about 2 weeks now. I actually use it often but for some reason, when I send a location, it goes through just fine BUT the person i send locations to never receives it at all. The same thing happens when someone sends me a location, i receive nothing! I've tried sending it from my 9700 to another 9700 and we're both on ATT's network as well as from a VZW Storm 2 to my ATT 9700. Nothing has worked so i assume its not a carrier issue.

    I've updated my OS to a leaked version but i've downgraded twice (back to 545 and 535) yet still nothing. Anyone else experiencing this?? I'm wondering if it is a network, phone or OS issue.
    04-01-10 10:02 AM