1. stanl0pez1's Avatar
    So i have the new 9780 6.0.480 os installed and i have over 950+ bbm contacts and ive been having an issue right after I reboot the phone.

    After the 9780 reboots, home screen comes up I get the uncaught exception message regarding the bbm error and right when I go to check my bbms, all my categories are missing like as if the bbm was brand new. The contacts are still there but you cant see them and can only see them in the message folder... i can still type in anyones names and itll pull up the conversations but wont show anyones names/categories one the BBM screen.

    So I tried to restore my bbm contacts on my device and it pulls it all back up but it always clears out after i do a battery pull... whats up with this bug? Anyone have a clue to fix it?
    04-21-11 08:54 PM