1. jgtrox2's Avatar
    Ok I have seen threads like this before but not answered. I have it so it saves my bbm chats and i can pull them up on the computer (i have a macbook pro) and they are in csv files and when you open them up on the computer it pulls them up as a microsoft exel file. Now I went in there and i tried to make a couple changes. But no matter what i cant get it to save as the same file type it was before i edited it.

    So i have two questions. Is what im trying to do possible? If so how do i get it to the correct file type as so when i pull up my chat history on my black berry it shows what i edited.

    Please help me on this one pretty quick if possible, Thanks In Advance
    08-29-11 07:29 PM
  2. domhnall's Avatar
    a csv is essentially a text file, open it in a text editor or if you insist on using excell when you go to save choose "other formats" and then choose .csv (or comma seperated) from the drop down
    08-30-11 03:29 PM