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    I have a quick question I hope someone out there can help with. Whenever I add music to my Bold, I use the Media Sync program that came with my BlackBerry & I like to add the album art, but I can just about guarantee every time I add album art there will be one song/artist whose art will be missing no matter how many times I sync the songs & art and then next time when I add more music, the previously missing art will be there & a new song/artist will be missing.

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    06-07-10 04:26 AM
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    If youre adding mp3s from your CD's, sometimes there is no album art. Dont know if you are, but thats been my experience. I just add the music to a folder on my pc and derag and drop into the media card music file on my Berry. Also, if youre adding a lot of media files at one time, it may take a few minutes for your device to snyc.
    06-07-10 04:33 AM
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    I haven't tried putting music on my BB, but I'll take a stab at the problem. I use a great program called mp3tag (free!) to tag all my .mp3s. One of the features of the program is the ability to tag the album art to the .mp3 file. If the BB media player reads ID3 tags like other media players do that might do the trick.

    Edit: So, I've never been able to get media manager to work, so I just added some songs via mass storage mode- two albums that had art tagged with mp3tag and one that had the art added via the Zune software. I included the art jpegs with one of the mp3tagged albums and the one that was zune tagged and added only the songs from the other mp3tagged album. All three showed art after the media player was done scanning my memory card.

    Hope the info was useful!

    Also, I just found out that the volume button also skips tracks back and forward when I held it down to change my volume. Cool.
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    06-07-10 04:36 AM
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    I use the sync from iTunes option in Media Sync to add my music, and I know all the mp3's have album art as I tell iTunes to add it for every song I add & if iTunes doesn't can't find it, I manually add it so I know that's not the problem. Plus all the art is there when I put the exact same songs on my iPod.

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    06-07-10 05:20 AM
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    If the last song doesn't show after a couple minutes, do a battery pull, and I'll bet it's there.

    When you strike the volume quickly, it's volume. Hold it, and it switches tracks.

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    06-07-10 05:54 AM
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    Used Media Player11 to do all my music on PC. If all album art is there, it also appears when i drag and drop to Music folder on BB. No probs at all.
    06-07-10 07:02 AM
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    Unfortunately BigBadWulf, the old battery pull didn't fix this problem.
    06-07-10 08:19 AM