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    Hey everyone, Okay here is the problem and hope u guys can help me fix...

    I have a Bold 9000 and i just got a Curve 8900.

    I installed BB desktop manager -

    I noticed BB messenger in the 8900 was like my old 8300, no pictures, no barcode thing and to boot i had $0.00 in my poker texas holdem 2 lol.

    So i plugged them all in both devices and used "device switch wizard" and transferred from the old to the new.

    ~~ Both SIMS have their own separate service ~~

    I kinda expected them to be duplicated -

    The 8900 is Now has my email and my BB contacts but still OLD version of BBM. no barcode, no pictures, Numbers switched over but $0.00 in Texas Holdem and No pictures transferred.

    Now the 9000 is basically untouched, BUT BBM doesnt work anymore...

    Keep in mind, the 9000 has its own service

    12-03-09 04:44 PM