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    Hello there,

    i'm new with the BB bold 9700 since one week and happy.
    I'm Dutch and having the BB at Vodafone NL as provider Including a BIS account
    All things works fine.

    I also do have an Email account at the Dutch provider called: Ziggo

    I do have a pushmail question:

    I thought that my email provider did have push mail.
    I installed My Ziggo account bij BB and I do receive mails.
    So far so Good.

    I recognized that sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes before I do receive mails after coming into the mailbox.

    Because of that I checked the automatic setting of my Ziggo email account.
    It says at server: pop.ziggo.nl.

    IMO does this means no Push mail, because the word "pop" in the server name. Am I right?

    If so, does somebody knows if Ziggo supporting Push mail and how to install this??

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    09-10-10 08:30 AM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    That's how push email works on BlackBerry with POP3 email addresses.

    Working as designed.
    09-10-10 07:57 PM
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    Thanks for the information.

    Where is the delay then coming from?
    09-11-10 01:41 AM
  4. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Again, that's how it works. For POP3 email addresses, the messages will be pushed to the device at between 3 and 15 minutes.

    If you do a Google search for "How does BIS poll for Email", you should find some additional detailed information.
    09-11-10 11:11 AM
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    Ok, I did mis understood You.
    There's my question about, how to get rid of this delay?
    09-11-10 12:15 PM
  6. SanctiSpiritus's Avatar
    That's how push email works on BlackBerry with POP3 email addresses.

    Working as designed.

    What you write is wholly inaccurate. It seems his provider, Ziggo, only allows "polling" via POP3 service. POP3 IS NOT "Push" email. POP3 email will nearly always be delayed between 10-15 minutes. That is just the sorry nature of POP3. Set up a Gmail or Yahoo email address. Both of these are "Push" accounts. Or, just have your Ziggo account forward your email to one of the aforesaid services. I also believe AOL is "Push" too.

    Not to dump on you Motorcycle Mama, but there is so much misinformation on CrackBerry.com that it really impairs its value.
    09-11-10 01:15 PM
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    Thnks SanctiSpiritus, then was my conclusion right in the beginning.
    Stays the question if Ziggo can also support pushmail and how to install.

    As a solution between I did make an "pushmail" account at my provider (Vodafone) and forwarded the Ziggo mail to that account.
    It almost works fine. The only problem is that forwarding is removing the original message out of windows live mail.
    What I realy want is forwarding a "copy" from windows live mail, keeping also a message in my home computer. Is that possible? I can't find that.
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    The poster provided NO information regarding whether Ziggo supported push mail to BlackBerry. And if you read what I posted, I didn't answer that query as to whether or not Ziggo supported push email.

    To characterize my response as "wholly inaccurate" is completely wrong.

    My responses were directly toward how POP3 email works with BlackBerry. Period. And my responses are CORRECT.

    The BlackBerry servers check for new messages.
    If it finds them, then it pushes them to the device.
    Then in checks again, 3 minutes.
    If it finds new messages, then in pushes them to the device.
    If it doesn't, then it checks again in 15 minutes.

    THIS IS HOW IT WORKS. The user cannot change it.

    Some email services such as Yahoo, GMail and AOL push nearly immediately. But POP3 does not work that way on BlackBerry.
    09-11-10 01:43 PM
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    09-11-10 01:48 PM
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    Is there an IMAP service at Ziggo? I'm using an IMAP server with BIS and there's negligible delay (about 1 second difference between a directly connected IMAP client and the BB)
    09-12-10 03:08 PM
  11. canedje's Avatar
    Good dea, I will ask the provider!
    Thnks moltenfire
    09-13-10 06:15 AM
  12. canedje's Avatar
    Ziggo is not supporting IMAP, so I do have to accept a delay of 10 minutes I quess.
    09-13-10 02:41 PM