1. HelixInc's Avatar
    Once upon a time you were able to assign contacts to a profile (4.x i believe). This was great because you could setup the entire profile and just assign people to that profile. The most important part of this was that it also applied to BBM.

    I am so frustrated that I have the same notification for every BBM message that I get. I communicate via BBM as much as I do email and it is beyond frustrating that I can't set contact specific tones for BBM. The "messages" option in the contact doesn't apply to BBM or instant messaging of any sort for that matter.

    Anyone have a work around or solution? RIM.. why have you taken away the ability to assign a contact to a profile? That was so nice!!! Why since BBM is so integrated in to the platform do you not let us assing notifications for specific contacts?
    08-18-10 01:52 PM
  2. TAG1's Avatar
    Able to assign specific tones for contacts here. Did you go through options > sounds > sounds for contacts > add contact alert ?
    08-18-10 02:05 PM
  3. HelixInc's Avatar
    Ya... for everything but BBM ... only messages and messages don't apply to BBM.
    08-18-10 03:07 PM
  4. kyleresq's Avatar
    I never had my contact profile work with BBM on my 9700. It worked for email, phone, or SMS only.

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    08-18-10 03:07 PM
  5. whsbuss's Avatar
    I never had my contact profile work with BBM on my 9700. It worked for email, phone, or SMS only.

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    Well I can't seem to get SMS text messages for a specific contact. Email & phone works but SMS is the default tone.
    08-18-10 05:04 PM
  6. kyleresq's Avatar
    Sorry, you are right. Phone and email only. Just checked my 9700 and it's the same on that one. I can add custom colors on SMS through BerryBuzz but no sounds.

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    08-18-10 05:08 PM
  7. Steemlives's Avatar
    Sorry if im misunderstanding, but are you trying to link a contact with a BBM Profile?
    08-18-10 06:13 PM
  8. HelixInc's Avatar
    I know how to link a contact with BBM. What I want it different notifications for contacts in BBM. I've been a BB user since the PIN only days, so I know the OS pretty well.
    If you strip everything I said in my first post away, all I really want is contact notification options in BBM. You used to be able to do that by assigning a contact to a profile.

    When you created a custom profile you had the option to "add contact" to that profile. The profiles have 10 times more options in them than the contact notification options. Only "phone" and "messages" in the contact. Under profile, you have phone, every kind of message - sms - level 1- all your different email accounts - sms - voice mail... Instant messaging notification options including BBM, Yahoo, Google Talk -- Events ... bla bla...
    You could get really creative with notifications that way. Now you are very limited.

    At this point I cant even find a 3rd party app that does BBM notifications for specific contacts. It can't be that hard, its a PIN message .... so frustrating. An no, changing my light to blink a different color doesn't help me.
    08-19-10 10:01 AM
  9. todbanner's Avatar
    Looking for the same solution. Doesn't appear to be out there at the moment.

    Anyone know about this in OS6?

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    02-21-11 02:38 AM
  10. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    There is currently no way to set up Contact Alerts for individual BBM Contacts.
    02-21-11 07:02 AM