1. theprettycat's Avatar
    Just wondering if anyone can give me some input/suggestions/advice regarding problems I'm having ever since downloading bbm 5.0. It seems that after downloading it whenever I select bbm the hour glass appears and starts timing out and also I get several sms messages informing me that my "my faves" contacts have been updated. This happens every time I access bbm. And lastly it seems to be causing my phone to freeze no matter what application I try to access. I've done about 10-15 battery pulls a day now to stop the damn thing from freezing.
    10-19-09 12:18 AM
  2. SpidieMan's Avatar
    I've never had this problem. BBM 5.0 has a few known bugs, this could be one of them.
    10-19-09 12:23 AM
  3. theprettycat's Avatar
    Ok, thanks very much for replying. I am now doing my third deletion/re-installation of bbm5.0
    10-19-09 12:58 AM