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    I've had my 9900 since last Thursday, and I've been pleased with it (on the whole), but there are four things that really really annoy me!!

    1. My text messages won't thread properly. All the texts I send are listed above all the ones I receive. In fact, the timestamps on my text messages I receive are all screwed up Any solutions? A battery pull hasn't work. I'm on OS My blackberry is apparently up to date according to the phone.

    2. After being able to use Blackberry protect a few days ago, now I can't log into it on my phone - it says 'Unable to log into your Blackberry ID account'. My password and username are correct.

    3. Also, when BBMing, there is often a delay of a few seconds between typing and the letters appearing, and then not all of them at that. I thought I left that problem behind with my 8900

    4. Phone doesn't always unlock immediately - it often takes 10 seconds or so before the phone will respond to button pressing, and then I can unlock it. This also used to happen on my 8900.

    I'm still within the period of time that I can send back my phone and get it replaced - I'm getting a postage bag sent to me from Vodafone so I can send this one back and get a new one (the phone I received was a 'returned' one from a customer unhappy with their contract). I might just get an Android phone if these issues continue to occur...

    Can somebody save me from that fate?

    10-31-11 07:09 PM
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    Upgrading to the latest Official or Leaked OS (.439 or .440) should fix ur issues besides #2.. never heard of that happening before.. and what do you mean logging into your phone?

    the only time i have to enter my blackberry id is after a OS install or when i first turned on the phone...

    anything under .300 seems to have quite a bit of bugs..

    u can download .439 from the top of this forum and the instructions are there on how to upgrade ur OS...

    if this doesn't solve the issue i suggest u return it for a new one
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    11-01-11 08:44 AM