1. cbanst's Avatar
    My BBM5 disappeared when I upgraded to OS5. I had to redownload app world, and when I did that, BBM showed up in my downloads folder as archived. however, when I try and reinstall it, nothing happens. I've tried downloading it from app world again, but this wont work either. Loading BBM 5 from my DM doesn't work either. I have been successful with loading older versions of BBM. Anyone have any ideas how I can get BBM 5 back???
    10-29-09 08:19 PM
  2. jlsparks's Avatar
    10-29-09 08:29 PM
  3. mthurman's Avatar
    I cannot get BBM 5 on my newly upgraded (os 5) phone either. It says it is installed but there is no sign of it anywhere. Tried battery pull several times but keep having to reinstall 4.x from the desktop manager (5.0.1).
    10-29-09 09:05 PM
  4. Swift20's Avatar
    The same thing happened to me, Whne i clicked on the archive it froze for like 3 mins. And right when I was going to Batt Pull, It said that it had been successfully installed, and that I had to reboot now or later.

    Only downfall their was I had to get all my contacts again. But luckily I had got BBm 5.0 before the 5.0 os officially came. cuz I was able to recover them from my email.
    10-29-09 09:18 PM
  5. BlueBerry9550's Avatar
    Alright guys, lets try going to options>applications and deleting BBM, reboot and then direct your browser to either BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 OTAs or www.blackberry.com/messenger and download. Not complaining by any means but this has been repeatedly posted in these forums and can be found by even the newest of n00bs by going to the search feature under the thread title and searching any combo of "bbm install problem", for future reference. Hope that helps!
    10-29-09 10:15 PM