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    I just switched from a Blackberry curve 8900 to a Blackberry curve 9700. For three weeks everything was running smoothly. Well that is despite my major dislike for the threaded sms messages. I used DSW to change from the 8900 to the 9700. On Thursday (July 22) between the hours of 9 and 10 pm I changed my bbm display picture. I realized the next day that the picture never changed nor could I see if any of my contacts changed their pictures. I however was able to see their statuses. Might I add that people on my contact list said they sent me bbms but none of them were delievered. On Saturday I decided to remove bbm from my phone and reinstall it. Bad decision. I have been unable to recover my contact list through the restore feature (using email). I had to restore my bbm from an old back up on DM. Is anyone else experiencing problems with their bbm? I was on the phone with RIM for THREE HOURS and they have given me no resolution. I've also spoken to my carrier (T-mobile) and both companies reassure me that there is nothing wrong with their servers (bullocks ! the same thing happened to me around Halloween '09). HELP what should I do? My emails won't even register with bbm for remote back up.
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    Did the restore email actually get to your BB? For me using yahoo, it always winds up in the spam folder no matter what filter I set. This has cause issues for me on groups but not contacts. Also I am running the latest beta BBM.

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    +1 Make sure its not inside your spam folder my Gmail account will do that.
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    I have 3 groups. 2 always restore witha little help. On one, I have to do nothing but the second seems to timeout. I can usually get that group back by doing a chat from another phone that's a member of that group. For the 3rd group it is hit or miss as it of course times out as well. If the chat for that one fails, I have to get re-invited.

    Not much help for contacts but maybe this will give you some ideas...

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