1. puddin78's Avatar
    I have the latest official BBM (.03.22 or something?). I have had no problems sending pics until yesterday. I can still send pics but when I go to Options>Send>Picture it used to pop open my picture folder. Now when I try to send a picture this is what pops up:

    As you can see it automatically goes to my device memory rather than my SD card (which it used to).

    Does anyone know a fix for this? Some type of setting must have changed? (I did have it connected to DM yesterday for a bit). As it is now, instead of sending Picture, I have to send File instead.

    Thanks for any help
    07-27-11 12:35 PM
  2. _Zodiac_'s Avatar
    Can you still access the files on your sd card?

    It might need a repair if it got corrupted while connected to the pc. Happened to me once as well.

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    07-27-11 02:19 PM
  3. puddin78's Avatar
    Yes I can still get everything on my sd card which is why I thought some kind of setting might have been messed up instead of the card itself. But I can't figure out what it might be
    07-27-11 02:28 PM