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    When I create a category in MemoPad, the category is also created in Tasks (and vice-versa: categories created in Tasks show up in MemoPad). The memos themselves (that are attached to a specific category) do not cross over, just the actual category.

    For example, in MemoPad I have categories for things such as, good foods, wines, ideas, and music, etc. I use MemoPad solely for remembering ideas and things of that nature, not for tasking at all. But the categories cross over to Tasks, even though the the sub-information does not.

    The reason this is an issue is because I use two other third party apps for memos and tasks: ActionPad (which syncs with MemoPad) and RoleCallTasks (which syncs with Tasks).

    When I open RoleCallTasks and choose "Show Tasks by Category", every single category that I want just associated with my memo app shows up, even though there is no sub-information in it. It creates extra clutter that I then have to go in and maneuver around to get to what I want to see. All I want to see in RoleCallTasks are two categories: To Do and To Buy. *sigh*

    Hopefully I have explained this clearly and someone can help me out. All I want is to be able to have specific categories assigned to each app without any crossover. If this means that I have to find 3rd party apps that don't sync with MemoPad and Tasks, might anyone have any suggestions?
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    I had the same problem too (because I switched from Palm to BlackBerry). I have found the solution.

    You can "unify the categories".

    For example, if you have Memos/MemoPad Categories (folders) named "Memos1", "Memos2", "Memos3", ..., "Memos9". And you have Tasks Categories (folders) named "Tasks1", "Tasks2", "Tasks3", ..., "Tasks9", you can do this trick:

    In MS Outlook, you select all the Notes/Memos with the "Memos1" category and you change the category for all of them to "Memos1_Tasks1" category. Then you go to the Tasks and select all the tasks with the "Tasks1" category and you change the category for all of them to "Memos1_Tasks1" category.

    Continue doing this until you cover all your Categories.

    This can help you to reduce the total number of BlackBerry Categories.

    I know it is a painful process (I spent a whole day doing this) but until BlackBerry comes up with folders for their PIM organizers, we'll just have to use this workaround.
    08-15-10 04:23 AM